City of Antwerp, Brico & Collibree lockers

City of Antwerp, Brico & Collibree lockers

At Mobile Locker we are specialized in outdoor locker setups as well as oversized lockers. Brico (a large DIY chain) decided to install our Collibree lockers to enhance the Click & Collect experience of their store.

For a project in collaboration with the city of Antwerp we’ve installed a locker setup outside of a local Brico store.

People will be able to pick up their items from the lockers when buying them online, but at the same time, neighbouring shops and parcel delivery couriers can use the lockers as well.

This gives the unit a multi purpose character with a host of possibilities and makes it easy to integrate in any city environment.

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With the Collibree parcel locker, your store is 24/7 open. Customers do not have to rush to get to the store on time or to sit at the checkout for an unnecessarily long time. Easily ordered, paid immediately and collected 24/7. Handy, right?

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